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Uncontested Divorce

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Every family experiences hardships that can create a lot of stress, financial worry, and even heartache. If you are trying to find the best course of action for you and your loved ones, trust Artinger Law to guide you and your family through your uncontested divorce.

Artinger Law, LLC specializes in working with spouses who are capable of putting aside their differences in order to achieve a workable solution to the end of their marriage. While not every situation is right for an uncontested divorce, Artinger Law can help amicable spouses navigate the legal system to obtain a beneficial outcome for everyone in your family. 

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

Speed – Uncontested divorces are faster as they only involve a few meetings where the couple negotiates on their own schedule before they file for the divorce. There’s no long and drawn-out court case where the couple has to wait for the court to schedule their case, attend several sessions, and continue to disagree until a judge makes the decision for you. Court cases can drag on for months and even years in some cases, which is why it’s a good idea to consider an uncontested divorce. 

Children – Children endure a lot of stress and uncertainty during the divorce process, regardless of the type of divorce. However, an uncontested divorce proceeding is less stressful and easier to handle. Children adjust better and don’t feel like they need to choose sides in a war between parents. They also recover from the divorce faster and feel more stable because their parent’s relationship is amicable. 

Price An uncontested divorce is much more affordable than a contested divorce. The former doesn’t take too long and doesn’t consume too much of the court’s time, which can reduce the legal charges involved. Artinger Law offers its uncontested divorce services for a flat-rate which provides cost certainty and ensures that each spouse can start their new life on the right financial foot.

Emotional – The uncontested divorce process is calmer and less violent. Couples don’t air out their personal problems or dirty laundry in the court but carry out reasonable negotiations in meetings. Divorce is a very difficult and emotionally stressful time. A court case with a contested divorce can add to the stress and make things difficult for everyone involved.

Control – No one knows the relationship and the personal requirements of the couple involved than the couple themselves. They are aware of their assets, their children and their preferences, and other similar factors that are involved in the divorce proceedings. Couples can discuss their requirements, carry out negotiations, and come to a solution that works well for everyone involved. That isn’t usually possible with a contested divorce and couples have to follow the guidelines the judge has set for them.​

Maintaining Relationships – If there are no children involved and all assets are divided well, couples can cut contact with each other entirely. However, that’s not possible in most divorce cases as there are often children involved. Couples share joint custody or have visitation rights to their children so they need to interact regularly.

Uncontested Divorce FAQs

What is an Uncontested Divorce? An uncontested divorce is where you and your spouse agree to terminate your marriage and to all the terms of the divorce.

How does an Uncontested Divorce work? Artinger Law has developed a process that ensures that your uncontested divorce will be as fast, simple and convenient as possible.  The aim is 110% client satisfaction. Artinger Law offers the fastest divorce in the St. Louis area! The process Artinger Law has developed works like this: first Artinger Law will email you some information about how to get started.  The email will contain an online intake sheet.  Getting started is just a matter of answering some simple questions about you and your spouse. Then, Artinger Law will review your intake sheet and get the process started. Once Artinger Law starts your divorce, it will file a Petition for Dissolution with the court.  After Artinger Law obtains your case number, Artinger Law will prepare the documents for you to sign, notarize and return. Once Artinger Law has received your documents it will complete the final papers that need to be filed with the Court.  The Court will review the documents and sign a Judgment of Divorce.  If you and your spouse have children you will have to take a co-parenting class before the judge will sign off on your final documents. Artinger Law will provide you with a photocopy or certified copy of the Judgment for your records. Again, Artinger Law’s aim is to keep this as easy and convenient as possible for you. Artinger Law tries to prevent unnecessary court appearances, office visits and conferences.  Artinger Law does all the heavy lifting so that you can relax during this stressful process. 

How long will my uncontested divorce take? Excellent question!  The short answer is… it depends on how quickly you and your spouse fill out and sign the documents and how quickly the Clerk’s office processes your paperwork. Since Artinger Law only takes a couple clients at a time your divorce will remain a top priority for Artinger Law and could be completed in as little as two weeks. 

What if my spouse refuses to sign the papers? Unfortunately, if your spouse will not sign the documents Artinger Law prepares your divorce isn’t an uncontested divorce and you will have to find another attorney to represent you in a contested divorce proceeding. Artinger Law is a limited service document drafting firm that is unable to represent clients at formal divorce proceedings. However, your spouse is free to review the documents with another attorney and Artinger Law will make one revision to the prepared documents before it considers the divorce to be contested.

Will I need to go to Court for an uncontested divorce? Usually no. There are some rare instances where a Court will require the parties to appear if he or she is uncomfortable with some of the provisions. The vast majority of uncontested divorces do not require a court appearance by either party.

How much does it cost? Artinger Law prepares its uncontested divorce services at a flat-rate fee including costs of court. This fee includes all of the document drafting, court appearances, and client correspondence necessary to complete the divorce. It does not include some ancillary services like quitclaim deed preparations, drafting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, or other documents. Artinger Law can provide these services, but they are not included in the flat-rate fee.

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